Fu-Yuan Shen Interactive Strategic Discussion (ISD) about Literature

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Fu-Yuan Shen Interactive Strategic Discussion (ISD) about Literature


The author proposes some basic principles of implementing, managing, and evaluating small-group discussions within the ESL classroom. As students pack their discussion toolbox with ever more useful strategies, they eagerly engage themselves in discussion all the more. Bring new power to L2 reading instruction with an innovative approach that deepens students’ comprehension of literature and guides them to... Interactive Strategic Discussion (ISD) about Literature introduces a discussion-centered approach into the ESL reading curriculum. The author also explores how interactive strategic discussion can support language acquisition, promote higher order thinking skills, and enhance high-level reading comprehension. This method teaches students not only what to discuss (the topic), but also how to discuss (the strategies). Research-based examples of instructional practices illustrate the ways that text-based discussion prepares students for the reading and interpretation of literature.

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