Langdon Helen Caravaggios Cardsharps

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Langdon Helen Caravaggios Cardsharps


By fully analyzing one of Caravaggios most daringly novel works, Langdon demonstrates the significant influence he had on the future of European art. She sets Caravaggios Cardsharps within the context of contemporaneous literature, art theory and theatre, and incorporates new archival research to enliven our understanding of the painters time, place and contemporaries. The Cardsharps, one of the paintings that launched Caravaggios spectacular career in Rome, captured the turbulent social reality of the city in the 1590s. This early masterpiece not only documented one of the everyday activities of Romes citizens, but its vivid, lifelike style also opened the door to a revolutionary naturalism that would spread throughout Europe. Helen Langdon, the scholar whose illuminating Caravaggio: A Life became a best-seller, returns with verve to her subject and his milieu in this new, copiously illustrated volume.

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